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2+2 Video Tutorial Contest!

2+2 Video Tutorial Contest!

Bang2Joom announces 2+2 Video Tutorial Contest!


What is 2+2 Video Tutorial Contest from Bang2Joom?

The main keyword here is the tutorial. You are going to make a tutorial about one of the B2J templates by yourself and win 2 B2J templates + 2 B2J extensions per your choice  by just entering this contest and of course the winner will get all of the B2J templates and commercial extesions for free


I know, I know you have too many questions. I am going to give answers to all possible questions, and hey, if you have got some more, don't be shy, just comment and I will be more than glad to answer those as well. I will also give you some *Hints* from times to times, so be attentive and I strongly advise you to keep these in mind while you proceed to make the video tutorial. Here we go!



Who can participate?

2+2 Tutorial Video Contest from Bang2Joom is open for all Joomla! users to participate!


*Hint* The preference will be given to those who are signed-up Bang2Joom users, and follow us on all possible Social Media platforms. ;) If you haven't already, do not lose time, go ahead and do it now.



What should I do to enter the contest?

Here are some steps you should follow to enter the contest.

 Choose a B2J template you like the most,

 Make a tutorial taking into account all the rules that we have set,

 Send it to

 Cross your fingers and wait!



What are the rules?

There are some predefined rules, which you must follow to increase your chance to win 2+2 Video Tutorial Contest from Bang2joom!

When making your video tutorial, make sure it is done according to these rules:

 It should have HD quality,

 B2J logo* should be seen for some seconds at the beginning of your video,

 If your desktop will be visible, then, please, use attached B2J picture* as your wallpaper 

 Include the most important views of the template,

 Having mobile views of the template your tutorial is going to be about is a plus,


*Hint* Do not include any links to any other website, indeed, show your love to Bang2Joom products and include links to our website.



What do I get if my video tutorial is chosen as the best?

If you video tutorial is chosen as a winner you get:

all of the B2J templates and all of the B2J extensions ( modules & plugins ) for FREE + 1 year update and support,


your video will be uploaded in our YouTube channel as an official tutorial and your name is going to be mentioned as well.


*Hint* If you go really geeky about this contest, and we are just crazy about your video, then, count yourself lucky, as you will have a great chance of joining our team as we are planning to have some recruitment soon.



What are the selection criteria?

The selection is going to be made by the B2J team: each of us will have one vote. The winning tutorial(s) will be selected according to the below-mentioned criteria.

The video tutorial should:

be created according to the rules,

have a touch of creativity,

be very informative and product-related,

show your love towards B2J products.



What are the deadlines?

The deadline for sending your video tutorial to is August 19.
We will examine thoroughly all the submissions and announce the winner(s) on August 21.


*Hint* I strongly advise everyone to participate, as every contestant is going to be happy because she/he gets 2 B2J templates + 2 B2J extensions per her/his choice by just entering this contest! 


Summing up, make a video tutorial about any of the B2J template taking into account all the rules (and also *Hints*), as well as the selection criteria and send it to by August 19. In case you are not able to send it via e-mail, let us know and we will work out some other ways to view your video: Social Media, Dropbox, etc. The results of the contest will be announced on August 21!



Ready for 2+2 Video Tutorial Contest? The countdown begins! Start now!

Make a tutorial & enter for a chance to win all of the B2J templates + all of the B2J extensions for FREE! 



Here are some B2J materials you may need!